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Attention American Citizens Living in Canada – It’s time to Vote!

Aug 10, 2020

Are you a U.S. citizen who lives in Canada?  Are you registered to vote in the 2020 U.S. election?  Have you requested your Federal Post Card application?  Do you have any technical questions or need help registering to vote?

If you have not registered or need assistance please review the following resources:

  • Go to the Federal Voting Assistance Program’s website at gov to connect to your state’s voter portal to register to vote, request a ballot or visit www.votefromabroad.org for detailed information on the voting process.
  • Check out this instructional video.
  • Research the candidates and issues by checking out the FVAP links page. Non-partisan information about candidates, their voting records, and their positions on issues are widely available and easy to obtain online.
  • Subscribe to FVAP’s Voting Alerts (vote@fvap.gov) for information about election dates and deadlines. FVAP also shares Voting Alerts via Facebook (@DODFVAP)Twitter (@FVAP), and Instagram (@fvapgov).

To learn more about voting from Canada, contact your nearest U.S. Embassy or Consulate: