U.S. Business Confidence Survey

AmCham Canada in partnership with Nanos Research and presented by PNC Bank has released a leading edge business confidence index of U.S. owned businesses operating in Canada. This will be a new 'must have' resource on business sentiment and opinion.  Click here to view survey, released September 25, 2017 

Participate in the survey:  

Your participation is important to the success of this very important project.  The survey itself will only take less than seven minutes; your opinions will be confidential and grouped with other executives of U.S. owned businesses in Canada.

Participating senior executives will receive an online survey link directly from Nanos and the research will generate valuable information on the views of U.S. businesses regarding Canada’s business environment and economic fundamentals. The findings of the research will offer key insights for corporate and government decision-makers on both sides of the border. 

Your participation will serve to provide AmCham Canada with critical data to develop policy positions and strategies to advance the interests of U.S. owned businesses with key stakeholders.   

Please note that you must represent a U.S.-owned company to participate in this survey.  To participate in the survey, please complete and submit the form below.  

As a participant you will receive a report of the key findings on how senior executives like you feel about the Canadian business environment.

Thank you, in advance, for your support for this very important ongoing project.