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Capitalizing on U.S. Opportunities Series: Session 3
When: Wednesday, November 16, 2016 - 07:00 - Wednesday, November 16, 2016 - 09:00

The AmCham Canada (Western Chapter) Breakfast Club presents:  "Capitalizing on U.S. Opportunities:  A 3-part Series"  

Designed specifically for business owners and executives, this exclusive series provides insights into building solid infrastructure to sustain growth and managing an international business, operational considerations including labour and employment, living and working cross-border and important insurance, tax and compliance requirements.  From priming your business for expansion through to evaluating your business model, this series offers valuable information to ensure your cross-border expansion plan is successful.

This 3-part series is graciously sponsored by series sponsor, Shea Nerland LLP with guest speakers and sponsors from Calgary-based cross-border professional advisors.

Session 3 – Wednesday, November 16, 2016 
Financial, Insurance and Tax Considerations – Prepared from the Start?

Insurance, Financial and Tax Considerations is the third event in “Capitalizing on U.S. Opportunities” series. As your U.S. operations grow, managing your U.S. business tax obligations can become overwhelming. Deciding on the type of entity to use for your U.S. business operations will have a significant impact on your overall effective tax rate.  We will discuss the tax differences in operating in the U.S. via a subsidiary, branch or partnership.  We will also discuss what type of entities Canadian companies should avoid in order to avoid double taxation. With over 42,000 taxing jurisdictions in the U.S., avoiding surprises is imperative.

We will highlight the various US federal, state, city and county taxes that should be considered, including income, franchise, sales and use, real and personal property, excise and the like. Finally, we will discuss common ways to minimize certain U.S. corporate taxes. When you work beyond your own border, the business operations must be evaluated in different ways and with different considerations; profits must be measured by legal entity or jurisdiction, and unexpected costs may arise in the form of duties, tariffs or withholding taxes. There will be new demands on how you measure your business, as well as the data and tools needed to obtain this information. Insurance for any cross-border business is a must and navigating the jurisdictions is critical to business success.  As insurance rules and regulations vary amongst U.S. states, you need to avoid risk in exposing your enterprise and ensure your insurance policy is compliant by local authorities.

To understand these issues, join us for our third roundtable event in the series, hosted by SHEA NERLAND LLP, with a guest speaker from tax advisory firm, KPMG and cross border insurance firm, FOSTER PARK BROKERS INC.  Our discussion will focus on the proper structuring of operations, insurance considerations and requirements across states and jurisdictions as well as managing tax costs. With the greater scrutiny of international businesses and transfer pricing featured prominently in business news lately, this session will provide you with information to ensure your operations are compliant from the start. 

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