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Capitalizing on U.S. Opportunities Series: Session 2
When: Wednesday, October 19, 2016 - 07:00 - Wednesday, October 19, 2016 - 09:00

The AmCham Canada (Western Chapter) Breakfast Club presents:  "Capitalizing on U.S. Opportunities:  A 3-part Series"  

Designed specifically for business owners and executives, this exclusive series provides insights into building solid infrastructure to sustain growth and managing an international business, operational considerations including labour and employment, living and working cross-border and important insurance, tax and compliance requirements.  From priming your business for expansion through to evaluating your business model, this series offers valuable information to ensure your cross-border expansion plan is successful.

This 3-part series is graciously sponsored by series sponsor, Shea Nerland LLP with guest speakers and sponsors from Calgary-based cross-border professional advisors.

Session 2 - Wednesday, October 19, 2016
Entrepreneurship in the U.S. – Living and Working Cross-Border?

Living & Working in the U.S. is the second of three events in “Capitalizing on U.S. Opportunities” Overcoming the Border Barrier” series.  You’ve built this business and you established your operations in the U.S., what visa eligibility and other opportunities can your business provide for you?  Entrepreneurs need to know the U.S. tax and immigration requirements to make living on both sides possible.    

Our discussion will focus on U.S. immigration rules, the different visa classes and applications, and the nuances of doing business with – versus working in – the U.S. We’ll also discuss U.S. tax rules – why residency criteria matter, taxation of cross-border compensation, social security considerations, and the challenges of adequately reporting cross-border activity. There are risks of paying more tax than you need to so it is critical to know about cross-border strategies to assist you in taking maximum advantage of tax saving opportunities. The subject is as broad as it is intricate, and too difficult to navigate alone. 

Join us for our second roundtable event in the series, hosted by SHEA NERLAND LLP, with a guest speaker from KEATS CONNELLY, a firm specializing in cross-border matters. 

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