AmCham Canada Member Discount for PFIC Software

In recent years, the punitive taxation of non-U.S. mutual funds and ETFs has created headaches and reporting problems worldwide due to the very layered and complex IRS regulations.  These investments are known as passive foreign investment companies or PFICs, and have cost U.S. taxpayers and Cross Border Tax Practitioners much time, money & worry to make sure Form 8621 is competed correctly.

AmCham Canada with Expat Tax Tools, Inc is making available to its members at a discounted price. Based in Canada, Expat Tax Tools, Inc. is a boutique software firm that produces niche U.S. international tax software applications to assist taxpayers and tax professionals with simple solutions to the difficult problems faced by U.S. taxpayers with cross border ties.  

Form 8621 Calculator makes reporting all of the elements of Passive Foreign Investment Company Income (PFICs) easy. Let Form 8621 Calculator handle the complex calculations.
License the software (limited to tax practitioners)

  • Take advantage of our form preparation service

We can handle it all:

  • Section 1291 Calculation
  • Mark to Market Election & Section 1296 Calculation
  • Becoming a US person transitional rule application
  • Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Program (OVDP) Alternate Mark to Market Resolution
  • Expatriation

Sign up through the AmCham link and receive a:

  • $50 discount on the annual cloud subscription price for The Form 8621 Calculator, or 
  • $110 discount on the small or large server licensing price for The Form 8621 Calculator, or
  • 10% discount on form 8621 preparation service.

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