State of America Series - The State of the Conservative Movement in the United States

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

A series of articles and commentary on issues related to the state of economic, political and business affairs in the United States 

Contributors: Adam Daifallah - John Parisella - Elisabeth Vallet - Tom Velk

Adam Daifallah is co-founder and partner of HATLEY Strategy Advisors, a public affairs and communications consulting firm with offices in Montreal and Quebec City. Mr. Daifallah is a skilled communicator who interacts with key decision-makers in Montreal, Toronto, Ottawa, Quebec City and Washington, D.C. He is an instructor at McGill University's Department of North American Studies, a fellow of the Montreal Economic Institute and frequent commentator on public affairs in newspapers, on radio and on television.

The State of the Conservative Movement in the United States by Adam Daifallah

Reclaiming Conservatism
The American conservative movement has lost its way and is in the worst shape it’s been since the birth of modern conservatism in the 1950s. The reasons for this:

  • Lack of unifying purpose,
  • Few new ideas,
  • A serious leadership void and
  • A failure to adapt to America’s profound demographic changes.

As part of this, the movement's political vehicle, the Republican Party, has been losing its way for years. Out of power, the party Cannibalizes itself. The farther away from power the party gets, the more extreme it becomes. Outside of government, the conservative movement has lost its intellectual leaders.

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