Board of Directors

Chairman of the Board

Philip Davidovits
President, Sayumo Inc.
Phone: 6478925174

Philip Davidovits is a successful entrepreneur with more than 30 years of experience in the business world, having been involved in trade and manufacturing operations both in Canada and internationally.
A thought leader in the area of reshoring, Philip has guided numerous North American companies on how to retain local production while simultaneously increasing exports, retaining and creating jobs, and strengthening the economy. He also works closely with many North American companies to successfully market their products across the globe.
Philip is a managing director of Sayumo Inc., which supplies a wide range of consumer products and services to major retailers in North America. Always one to walk the talk, he has reshored many unique and innovative products to North America.
As chairman of the Peel-Halton-Niagara Chapter of the American Chamber of Commerce in Canada, Philip is responsible for helping members be successful in cross-border trading. He is always impressed by how much members want to get involved and help each other succeed.
A proud father of three children and a grandfather to three adorable grandchildren, Philip is based in Toronto but travels extensively for business and pleasure.