Board of Directors


Roberto Lopez
President, Gosunca Inc.
Phone: 905-451-1159

Roberto Lopez is President and Owner of Gosunca Limited, a large building maintenance company located in Toronto, Ontario with a sister company in Miami, Florida. He was a shareholder and Past President of EPS (Canada) Ltd., a division of EPS Corp. New Jersey, which specializes in systems design and maintenance, with major contracts supporting the United States Government. 

Prior to establishing his business in Toronto, he served for a number of years with Canadian Pacific Airlines in Toronto and Montreal after starting his career in the aviation industry as a licensed Commercial Pilot, flying cargo aircraft in South America. 

Roberto received his education at The Catholic University in Lima, Peru then continuing his education at the Extension University of Texas in Business Administration and International Marketing. Once he arrived in Toronto, he continued his education from Sheridan College in Marketing and Business Management and Economics at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario.  

He is an expert in business in Latin America and has used that capacity and understanding to serve the Mississauga Board of Trade, International Trade., Brampton Board of Trade International Committee, and the Board of Directors for The American Chamber of Commerce, where he sat as Director from 2003-2013. He also chaired the International Committee and the Western Hemisphere Committee for the Chamber, attending meetings with the United States – Washington D.C., and at the Chamber of Commerce and the Association of American Chambers of Commerce for Latin America called AACCLA. He is the Co-Founder of the American Chamber of Commerce in Canada with Mr. Neil Sinclair LLB Founder in 1996 – President – Chairman of AmCham National.

 With American Citizens Abroad and AmCham Canada, he advocated on behalf of taxation for overseas residents in Congress and other bodies in Washington DC. He currently serves the American Chamber as a member of the AmCham Ontario Council. 

Mr. Lopez had been very active in the communities of Greater Toronto, Brampton and Mississauga, Ontario. He has participated in several conferences held in Toronto and Mississauga with the World Bank Financiers, World Trade Center, Latin American Development Bank and the Mississauga Board of Trade in which he assisted the International Trade Division. He has been the promoter and organizer of the Chamber of Commerce Ecuador-Canada in April 1993, in conjunction with his Excellency Francisco Martinez, Consul General of Ecuador for Toronto. He is also the organizer and founder of the Canada Latin America Chamber of Commerce, for which he was the President in 1996-1997. During this period he was elected as chairman of the board along with Mr. Leon Argamasilla Bacardi.

He resides with his wife Electra in Brampton, Ontario. They have one son, two daughters, and six grandchildren. He is a citizen of both Peru & Canada and secondary residency in in Port St. Lucie, Florida, USA. 

Several Work and assignments accomplished with The American Chamber of Commerce in Canada, Mississauga Board of Trade and Brampton Board of Trade: 

  • Member of the International Trade Committee 2004
  • Western Hemisphere Directors 2005
  • Member of the Board of Directors 2006
  • Board of Directors – National 2008
  • Re-Elected National Board of Directors - 2010
  • Organize and Founder of the Halton Peel Niagara Chapter for the AmCham Canada
  • Chapter Chair for HPNC – Founder 2012
  • Director for Business Ontario for Amcham and cross border USA and Canada
  • Policy Director for HPNC 2013
  • Brampton Board of Trade member since 2006 –  
  • Vice-Chair BBOT International Committee 2014
  • Vice Chair – Administration & Policy Directors 2015 American Chamber of Commerce in Canada. Toronto Chapter.
  • Re-Elected Vice Chair – Administration & Policy Director AmCham HPNC Chapter 2016

Some, but not all Responsibilities: 

  1. Revised and make all necessary changes to the by law. Team work
  2. A committee was created and further exchanges of ideas and solid ontributions were done by each volunteer group for future implementation
  3. I had a workable plan to increase the membership in our region by industrial sector, network and seminars in our region (Ontario)
  4. The green light was given to me, therefore I begun to work in Mississauga.
  5. Halton-Peel sub-chapter was created just because the tremendous amount of Business opportunity – sectorial growing industries.
  6. A total different business ethnic group – great opportunity. 6 mayor cities 
  7. During my 10 years, I did my best to contribute with the growth and maintain a good business policy and ongoing business ethics
  8. Administration & Policy procedures was created according to our needs
  9. Strategic planning & procedures
  10. Work plan and agenda for the next 12 months & revision thereafter
  11. Job responsibilities rules & regulation procedures implementation
  12. Economic outgrow analysis and social impact in our Canadian & ethnic business groups and diverse associated members